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Common digital crimes that result in the need of an experienced cyber crime lawyer include:

  • Digital identity theft
  • Digital phishing schemes
  • Digital invasion of privacy
  • Digital harassment
  • Digital solicitation of minors
  • Digital downloading of copyrighted material
  • Cyberstalking

With the ever-growing presence of the Internet in our daily lives, the need for a trusted and reliable cyber criminal lawyer increases yearly. If in violation of a cyber law, it is highly recommended to bring on a cyber crime lawyer immediately in order to fully know your rights and potential sentence.

The Benefits of a Cyber Crime Lawyer

If you are arrested or find yourself under investigation for digital crime, don’t hesitate: contact us immediately to receive the legal representation that you deserve.

A cyber criminal lawyer will, on your behalf:

  • Intervene in the investigation to work to prevent the filing of charges
  • Initiate negotiations with state or federal agencies ahead of filed charges or arrests
  • Request the testing of any physical evidence
  • Analyze evidence levelled against you to determine if common defences apply to your situation
  • Relentlessly search for sentencing approaches that minimize the damage to your freedom and/or reputation

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Our distributed offices mean that we can conveniently and efficiently serve clients across all across BC, including:

  • Victoria
  • Vancouver
  • Kelowna
  • Surrey

With our original office based out of Victoria, our Steele Law has hand-picked a team of only the most aggressive, experienced, and reputable criminal defence lawyers. 

Yearly, we continue to grow our reputation both in the community and in the legal profession in our handling of many important and complex cases, as well as through our commitment to be at the forefront of important developing areas of law.

If you require cyber crime representation in Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, or Surrey, reach out at 250-388-7571 or toll-free at 1-888-313-7571.

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