What To Do If You Can’t Afford a Criminal Lawyer

Written by Jerry Steele

Criminal Defence

What To Do If You Can’t Afford a Criminal Lawyer

Written by Jerry Steele

Criminal Defence
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For more than 20 years, Steele Law has successfully guided individuals and business entities through the unique challenges posed by criminal and regulatory investigations, as well as prosecutions in state and federal courts nationwide.
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The last thing you want to worry about when facing criminal charges in BC is the financial burden of hiring a lawyer. While Legal Aid BC provides financial assistance for those who qualify, not everyone is eligible and may have to seek alternative options for legal representation. 

If you find yourself in this situation, here are some steps you can take:

Apply for Legal Aid BC

If you haven’t already, applying for Legal Aid BC as soon as possible is essential. They have a financial eligibility test and provide assistance based on your income and assets. Even if you don’t qualify for full coverage, they may still be able to provide partial coverage or refer you to other resources.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

We never want you to sacrifice quality representation for cost. Reach out to your close family and friends to see if they can help with the cost of a lawyer. They may be able to lend you the necessary funds or even refer you to a reputable criminal defence lawyer.

Research Pro Bono Services

Some organizations and firms offer pro bono (free) legal services for those who cannot afford a BC lawyer. Do some research and see if any of these options are available in your area. Keep in mind that they may have limited resources and may not be able to take on every case.

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Considerations

While saving money in the short term might seem like the most appealing option, this decision could cost you the rest of your life. You risk being wrongly convicted or facing harsher penalties if you don’t hire competent, experienced legal representation relevant to your case. Don’t let financial limitations hinder your chances of a fair trial and justice.

Consider Payment Plans

Some lawyers may offer payment plans to make their services more affordable. This can help you manage the cost over time rather than paying a large sum upfront. Be sure to discuss this option with potential lawyers and come to an agreement that works for both parties.

Explore Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sometimes, alternative dispute resolution methods (like arbitration or mediation) could be possible and more cost-effective than going to trial. These alternative methods involve a neutral third party who helps facilitate a resolution between the two parties. They can also help you save time and money compared to traditional court proceedings.


Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular way to raise money for various legal causes. You can create a campaign to help cover your legal fees and share it with friends, family, and the public. However, note that this option may not be successful or reliable in covering all expenses.

Hire a Top Criminal Defence Lawyer

Jerry Steele is regarded as one of the most successful criminal defence lawyers in the country. With extensive BC courtroom experience, a track record of legal victory, and countless awards, Jerry has proven his expertise in handling complex and high-profile cases.  

Before you try to find the cheapest criminal lawyer, consider the value that a skilled and reputable lawyer like Jerry Steele can bring to your case. A good lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your criminal case and ultimately save you time, money, and potentially even your freedom.

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