What Makes Us Your Go-To for Aggressive, Reliable, and Experienced Domestic Assault Lawyer Services?

Written by Jerry Steele

Domestic Violence

What Makes Us Your Go-To for Aggressive, Reliable, and Experienced Domestic Assault Lawyer Services?

Written by Jerry Steele

Domestic Violence
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For more than 20 years, Steele Law has successfully guided individuals and business entities through the unique challenges posed by criminal and regulatory investigations, as well as prosecutions in state and federal courts nationwide.
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If someone has told you to contact Steele Law to hire Jerry Steel and get an excellent criminal defence lawyer on your side, you must have a case that needs handling by an experienced criminal lawyer who has repeatedly proven his ability to get results. But what sets us apart from other law firms in BC when it comes to domestic assault cases?

Aggressive Representation

When you are facing criminal charges in BC, especially for a serious crime like domestic assault, having a lawyer who is not afraid to fight for you is a must. Jerry Steele is known for his aggressive approach in the courtroom, challenging evidence and cross-examining witnesses to uncover any inconsistencies or weaknesses in the Crown counsel’s case against you.


We understand that going through a criminal trial can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. That’s why we pride ourselves on being reliable and available to our clients when they need us. You can count on Jerry Steele to be there for you throughout the process, answering your questions and providing compassionate guidance at every step.

Extensive Experience

With years of experience as a criminal defence lawyer in BC, Jerry Steele has handled numerous domestic assault cases and has a deep understanding of the legal system. He knows how to navigate the complexities of these delicate legal cases and has a track record of successfully getting charges reduced or even dropped for his clients.

Proven Results

At Steele Law, our results speak for themselves. We have a high success rate when it comes to defending our clients against domestic assault charges. Jerry Steele’s aggressive tactics, extensive experience, and unwavering dedication to his clients have led to countless victories in the courtroom.

Strong Defences Against Domestic Assault

Even when it feels like there’s too much evidence or you worry your accuser has more credibility than you, a skilled BC lawyer can still build a strong defence for you. 

Some of the potential defences they may use include:

  • Self-defence: If you acted to protect yourself or others from harm, that could be a defence against domestic assault charges in BC.
  • False accusations: Unfortunately, false allegations of DV do happen. A lawyer can work to prove the accusation is false and build a strong case for your innocence.
  • Lack of evidence: The prosecution needs to prove (beyond a reasonable doubt) that it was really you behind the alleged assault. If there is insufficient evidence, your defence lawyer can challenge the court to drop the assault charges altogether.
  • Consent: In some cases, both parties may have consented to physical contact during an argument or altercation, making it tricky to prove an assault occurred.

Conclusion: Call Jerry Steele and Fight Your Domestic Assault Charges

If you’re found guilty of aggravated assault against an intimate partner, this can come with the most severe penalty possible in Canada: life in prison. Don’t risk your future and freedom – contact Jerry Steele at Steele Law to fight for you. 

With our reliability, extensive experience, and proven results, we are confident in our ability to provide the strong defence you need. Call us today at 778-700-0012 for a consultation and take the first step towards protecting yourself against these serious charges.