Weapons & Firearm Offences in BC: Legal Consequences & Defence Options

Written by Jerry Steele

Weapons Charges

Weapons & Firearm Offences in BC: Legal Consequences & Defence Options

Written by Jerry Steele

Weapons Charges
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Weapons and firearm offences vary significantly in severity, which means the penalties and charges for these offences do, too. Today, we’ll discuss some of the different types of weapons and firearm offences in BC, their legal consequences, and possible defence options. 

Types of Weapons & Firearm Offences in BC

Weapons offences can include possession, use or trafficking of prohibited or restricted items such as knives, firearms, explosives, and other dangerous objects. These offences can also include using a weapon during the commission of a crime or threatening someone with a weapon.

Firearm offences specifically relate to the possession, use, and trafficking of firearms, as well as improper storage and handling of these weapons. These offences are taken very seriously in BC and can lead to severe penalties.

Legal Consequences for Weapons & Firearm Offences

The consequences for weapons and firearm offences can range from fines to long prison sentences—they will depend on how serious the offence is. Along with criminal charges, individuals may also face additional consequences, such as a prohibition from owning or possessing firearms.

Penalties for weapons and firearms offences vary depending on whether you are convicted of a summary or indictable offence. A summary offence is considered less serious and typically comes with less severe consequences, including penalties, fines, and less time in prison. Indictable offences are treated more seriously and can carry penalties ranging from two years to spending the rest of your life behind bars.

Defence Options for Weapons & Firearm Offences

If you have been charged with a weapons or firearm offence in BC, seek legal counsel immediately. A knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer can assess your case and determine a smart course of action for your defence.

Possible defence options may include:

  • Arguing that the weapon was not used or intended to be used criminally.
  • Proving that the weapon was being carried for a lawful purpose.
  • Demonstrating that the evidence against you was obtained unlawfully.

Remember, each case is unique and requires individual assessment. A criminal defence lawyer can help you navigate the BC legal system, gather evidence, and present a strong defence on your behalf.

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