Should You Get A Private Or Public Criminal Defence Lawyer In BC?

Written by Jerry Steele

Criminal Defence

Should You Get A Private Or Public Criminal Defence Lawyer In BC?

Written by Jerry Steele

Criminal Defence
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Regardless of the charges you’re facing, one of the questions bound to cross your mind relates to your defence: Should I hire a private or public criminal defence lawyer in BC? There are nuances to the answer, and we will explore them in this article to provide you with a better understanding of the legal system in BC.

Private Criminal Defence Lawyers

Private criminal defence lawyers are essentially your own personal representation. This means you will have the same lawyer throughout your case, and they will work exclusively for you. 

Private lawyers often have specialized knowledge in certain areas of law, such as DUIs or drug offences. This can be beneficial if you’re facing charges in a specific area—they’ll have a deeper understanding of the laws and procedures involved. Not to mention, private lawyers tend to have smaller caseloads, allowing them to dedicate more time and effort to your case.

Cost is one of the main considerations when hiring a private criminal defence lawyer. Private lawyers typically charge higher fees than public lawyers, and the final cost will depend on the complexity of your case, the lawyer’s experience and reputation, and other factors. However, many private lawyers offer free consultations, and some may even work on a contingency basis, where they only get paid if you win your case.

Public Criminal Defence Lawyers

The government provides public criminal defence lawyers to represent individuals who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer. They are also known as legal aid lawyers, and their services are typically free or at a reduced cost to be sure everyone has access to legal representation, as is their right. 

While public lawyers may not have the same level of expertise as private lawyers, they still have the necessary qualifications and experience to handle criminal cases. They also tend to have larger caseloads. Often, this will affect the amount of time and attention they can dedicate to your case. 

This is important to keep in mind if you’re considering a public lawyer only for the lower fees you might pay. In exchange for these lower fees, you won’t necessarily be receiving the same level of personalized attention and care as you would from a private lawyer.

It’s also worth noting that public lawyers, by no fault of their own, are often overworked and underfunded, meaning they may not have the same resources or support staff as private lawyers. This can result in delays in your case or less time spent on preparing for trial. Again, public criminal defence lawyers still play an essential role in the justice system by ensuring everyone has access to legal representation, no matter their financial circumstances.

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