5 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defence Lawyer in BC

Written by Jerry Steele

Criminal Defence

5 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defence Lawyer in BC

Written by Jerry Steele

Criminal Defence
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For more than 20 years, Steele Law has successfully guided individuals and business entities through the unique challenges posed by criminal and regulatory investigations, as well as prosecutions in state and federal courts nationwide.
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So, you’re facing criminal charges and meeting with a criminal defence lawyer in BC to discuss your case and your options moving forward. To ensure you get the most out of this conversation, asking the right questions is essential. This will help you hire the right lawyer and make informed decisions about your case. 

5 Questions to Ask Your BC Criminal Defence Lawyer

Here are five questions you should ask your criminal defence lawyer in BC:

What is your experience with cases like mine?

One of the things you’ll want to find out is whether your lawyer has experience handling cases like yours. Every case is unique, and having an experienced lawyer who has successfully defended similar cases can give you confidence in their ability to manage your case effectively.

What are my options for defending against these charges?

Your lawyer should be able to clearly explain the potential defences available to you and guide you through a strategic approach for defending against the charges. They should also be able to define the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

For example, if you’re facing weapons charges, your lawyer may suggest a defence of self-defence or argue you did not use the weapon in the commission of a crime. Or, in the case of DUI charges, they may suggest challenging the validity of the breathalyzer test or questioning the officer’s reason for pulling you over.

What is your success rate with similar cases?

While past outcomes do not guarantee future success, knowing about your lawyer’s track record with similar cases can be reassuring. This will give you a better understanding of their abilities and how they handle cases like yours.

 Additionally, it can give you a realistic expectation of the potential outcomes.

How will communication between us be handled?

You’ll want to ensure clear and open communication with your criminal lawyer throughout the duration of your criminal case. Make sure you ask how often you can expect updates and in what form (e.g. phone calls, emails, etc.). You should also ask for their preferred method of communication and if they have a policy for promptly responding to client inquiries.

What are the potential consequences if I am found guilty?

A comprehensive understanding of what you’re up against helps you take the charges against you as seriously as possible. As for the potential consequences of being found guilty, this can vary greatly depending on the nature of the charges and your existing criminal record. 

Your lawyer should be able to discuss any potential fines, jail time, probation, or other penalties you may face if convicted. They should also be able to explain any possible long-term consequences, such as a criminal record or difficulty finding employment in the future.

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Regardless of the criminal charges you’re up against, Jerry Steele can provide you with a strong criminal defence. With years of experience and a successful track record, Jerry has the knowledge and skills to defend your rights and protect your future. It’s never too soon to consult a criminal defence lawyer, so don’t hesitate to contact Jerry Steele for a consultation today: 778-700-0012.